Move Over,

GI Joe.

Introducing the Trump Action Figure. Only he can fix America!

We don't even make any money from selling these things.

Worst Deal Ever.

Perfection, Perfected.

Our product team worked day and night to capture all the subtle details.


Them All.

Write your own version of history with the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Action Figures. 

Prior to the Election, a percentage of our sales for the Trump Action Figure were donated to Border Angels, a non-profit benefiting immigrants crossing the Mexican border.

Hey Mexico, 

You're Welcome.

Seattle based artist Mike Leavitt begrudgingly agreed to create a Donald Trump sculpture for us to model the figure after. The entire team was disgusted by how great it turned out.

The Art

of the Toy.

The Trump Action Figure was made by FCTRY, a happy little product design studio in Brooklyn. We create fun products that add a little special something to your life.

Make It Fun.